A Texan who flies the Texas flag higher than the American flag on a flag pole.
Hey, look at that redneck Texican, Ima punch his balls
by Jb6527 December 23, 2009
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Most TEXICANS are AGAINST the proposed wall bordering around the United States. If the wall had been up three generations ago, I would not be a TEXICAN, I'd be a MEXICAN.
by Texicans Against Trump January 27, 2017
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When someone from Texas has sex with a Mexican, they become a Texican, and any child, if any, is also a Texican.
-Quincy "I slept with that Mexican last night, guess that makes me a Texican"
-Will "Hahahah, fuck your life"
by The Cabaabsterr April 10, 2010
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I went and had texican food last night. All the tacos I could eat.
by tireball.com December 22, 2004
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Tejano. Raza. Mexicans that aren't from Mexico, but are Texas Mexicans, Lation, Spanish, Hispanic. But are Countryy as fuck and are down to bang screw & say what it dew! & in this day and time (Donald duck admin) fuck saying ur american.
I am a Texican.
by YYYa April 07, 2018
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tex-mex -- a style of food or other reference to a cultural aspect of one who lives in Texas and appreciates Mexican culture or lives in Mexico and appreciates Texas culture.
My five- and seven-year-old daughters helped me make some tex-mex tamales -- we found the recipe in a Texas cooking recipe book. They did a great job.

"Can't we all just get along?"
- Rodney King, 1994
by Winsi June 28, 2004
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