2 definitions by Andira

1.) Originally Pasadena, a suburb southeast of Houston, TX; name dirived from the air that floats in from Houston, but lingers over our poor town.
2.) home to many drug addicts and pushers, as well as drunken high school students
3.) not much to do there on weekends except drink or do drugs, which is why there are so many druggies and drunks.
I live in Stinkadena and all we ever do is get drunk, high, or race our cars down East Ave.
by Andira November 24, 2003
someone who knows the true of meaning "hot as hell," (we fry at least on egg a year on the asphalt outside, just because we can) and likes only having two seasons a year and never having to deal with that white shit you northeners call "snow."
A texan needs no snow.
by Andira November 24, 2003