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After one has had a pint, it is customary to indulge in some fine Indian cuisine. After a night of being generally mistreated by arrogant English customers, the staff of whichever fine establishment was frequesnted take solace in the fact that Punjabi Revenge will be taken out of the clients' asses.

Interestingly, by substituting all occurances of the word 'love' for 'curry' in the Johnny Cash song, "Ring of Fire", you will find that he is actually describing this phenomenon.
Today I have been less than productive in the office. This was mainly due to experiencing a spot of Punjabi Revenge. I would wager that I have spent as much time sitting on the toilet as at my desk. I also think my ring is bleeding. I genuinely wish I were dead.
by Lukenestler November 16, 2006

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That fine piece of oratory that can be delivered only by one who has had a pint.

The expression of one's drunkenness through the medium of regurgitation.
Luke: So how was Quinn's birthday? Did he get lashed?

Fred: Hell yeah, he REALLY had a pint - he'd given his Pavement Testimony by half ten!
by Lukenestler September 29, 2006

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1. A 1957 war film starring Alec Guinness.

2. An almost infeasibly perilous overpass, the crossing of which unconditionally necessitates death. Under no circumstances should any person attempt to cross this bridge. Any attempt to do so ranks as outright folly of the highest order. Basically lunacy. Alternative means of transit are strenuously advised and readily available, so there is really no need to attempt to traverse by this means. You have been warned.
1. Although it is widely acknowledged that Alec Guinness actually WAS Obi-Wan Kenobi, and that there IS such a thing as The Force, there is an urban legend which claims that he was in fact a mere actor who starred in such films as The Bridge on the River Kwai. Clearly this is utter pretense and I should know, as I myself happen to be a Jedi Knight.

2. "So did you hear about Superman?"
"Yeah, idiot thought that being more or less invincible, he could cross The Bridge on the River Kwai...clearly he was mistaken. Even I could have told him that"
"I always thought it would be kryptonite that got him in the end, but there's no accounting for some people's arrogance!"
by Lukenestler November 16, 2006

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