telling lies under oath; standard operating procedure for police officers acting as witnesses in trials.

See also: perjury
The story the cops gave was so ridiculous that everyone except the judge knew they were testilying.
by Figleaf23 February 25, 2009
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The act of fabricating evidence and testifying falsely in court, esp. when performed by an officer of the law. Coined by the Mollen Commission (1994).
Did you catch Bush testilying before the Senate Commission on Bestiality on C-Span?
by Northwestern Law April 28, 2007
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To tell some dubious truth in court.
The cops pinched my main man, now I have to testilie for him.
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Perjury by witnesses during a trial to strengthen the prosecution's case.
Some of the testimony in the O J Simpson trial was alleged to be testilying.
by Uncle Bill August 7, 2006
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