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Perjury by witnesses during a trial to strengthen the prosecution's case.
Some of the testimony in the O J Simpson trial was alleged to be testilying.
by Uncle Bill August 07, 2006

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while doing something reasonably good you get an immediate and awesomely great reward.
friend: hey, would you like one of my rolled tacos?

me: hell yes bro! let me grab one on the the side so i don't looked like a pig and get all the good stuff.

friend: go for it bro.

me:sorry bro i accidentally ended up with a loaded one from the middle...karma touchdown!!!

actual true story
by uncle bill July 10, 2011

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the atmospheric condition found in poorly ventilated bathrooms, outhouses and or bunkhouses caused by stinky turds or farts.
son of a bitch it was pewmid in there. for the love of god open up a damn window or something.
by uncle bill February 11, 2010

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the act of giving your friend another chance to explain what his dumb (drunk ass) is trying to say.
friend: hey do you "blah, blah, blah...nonsense, nonsense etc.?

me: (thinking to myself, homeboy must be hammered, that shit made zero sense)

friend: hey bill, forget what i just said, i been drinking all day.

me: don't worry, i already gave you a bro'mulligan
by uncle bill July 10, 2011

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Your typical stupid democrat.
That politician is so stupid they must be a demwitocrat. AOC is definetly a demwitocrat.
by uncle bill December 22, 2020

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