God of Evil who's attempt to destroy Termina was ruin by Link. He now resides on Facebook wearing snazzy suits and reeking havoc on unsuspecting Facebookers
"Hey do you think Majora saw this post"
by Scythana September 10, 2012
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A male that acts in a feminine way.
Don't be such a majora. That boy is acting like a majora.
by Mozey Dozey July 11, 2008
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1. Shorthand for the sequel to the Nintendo 64 hit "The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time," "Majora's Mask" gave the player a mere three in-game days to save the land of Termina from certain destruction. To aid in his quest, the main character, Link, was able to travel back to the instant he first set foot in Termina. Also called "The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask."

2. The main enemy of the aforementioned game, Majora's Mask was a mask with an evil spirit trapped inside, capable of turning even the most kind of creatures into a puppet, manipulated to perform the most heinous of acts.
1. In the game "Majora's Mask," Link had but three days to save the land, the people, and himself.

2. Majora's Mask's main weakness was its soft backside; with a good aim and a bit of practice, it became remarkably easy to defeat.
by Jack January 31, 2005
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Your significant other is snoring too hard or passes out early. You ride the face until he/she starts passing out. Once the convulsions start, then You step on their junk to revive them.
Todd snored so hard he deserved a smothering majora from his wife as retaliation for the gladiator helmet she received once.
by Roma Funky Party Crew February 17, 2018
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No, dumb ass!
Labia majora is the technical term for the outer lips that form the slit where the bush hair grows, that has to be shaved.
It's the labia majora that form the pubic mound or so called mons venus.
Otherwise called the camel toe. Know your pussy, dude! Get it right!
by anonymous November 14, 2004
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Blow Job of the highest caliber. Really long lasting, enthusiastic, mind shattering oral sex. Super Head.
She gave me Dermal Majora.

That Dermal Majora was bomb, yo.
by JediElle February 20, 2010
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Someone who's so fugly it's like a terminal illness, there's no hope for them.
OMFG, some of the women on makeupalley.com suffer from serious Fuglius Majora, lulz. We need to send them ((((hugs)))) and prayers.
by Mr Swipe September 6, 2007
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