4 definitions by Smolly, bradshaw

Smolly also known as Bradshaw is like bears stinky and is not as good as Muhammad or rex. Stinky
Being is defined as the state of existing or living or something that exists. An example of being is the fact that one is in a particular place at a particular time. An example of being is a human. ... The state or quality of having existence. or Smolly
by Smolly, bradshaw May 24, 2021
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Bear fit gets all da woman and men and children
RC be bear fit
by Smolly, bradshaw May 24, 2021
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Bear fit n dat- Big bunda- hot Gets all the children (dw he now has a retaining order hes not allowed within a 3 mile radius of a child of primary school)
Fraiser Tennis Racket is bear fit
by Smolly, bradshaw July 9, 2021
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bare stinky is a term used by only the greatest dominators and chads, like Muhammad and Rex (NOT FRAZER TENNIS RACKETT OR HENWY UwU). it means to give off a extreamly monki aroma. "bare stinky" is also used for fun init.
Rex(chad 1): yo what that stinky smell init.
Muhammad(chad 2): mate, it smells like monki init yea.
Rex(chad 1): its smolly and frazer init. yea it is they bare stinky init.
Muhammad (chad 2): yea bare stinky bruh
by Smolly, bradshaw June 8, 2021
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