Tempo is an Adjective, an Adverb, and a verb.
Hey Mom! I'm Temping to the Store!
In Soviet Russia, we study Tempology.

Mom... I'm apart of the Tempii...
Shut the Temp up!
Holy Tempo! I can't believe it!
You be my TemBro, I be Yo TempSis.
by Ahmed Tempo October 04, 2011
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An intimate statement made by a very sexy woman, more than possibly a nymphomaniac, ready to accept all the guys at the same time " They're entering my personal orifices "
The local nympho was in bed with several guys who had met her in the pub. She was a good multitasker and found a short space of time to text a message to her mate. The message read
" Tempo "
by Stais September 06, 2005
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According to the shed at school, 'TEMPO IS DEAD'.

I got blamed for that. Crap.
'Tempo is DEAD' - spraypainted on wall
by Bleh November 05, 2004
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A marijuana cigarette or cigar (joint or blunt) laced with crack cocaine.
"No, I don't want to smoke no tempo, man! It's nothin' but natural green with me."
by Fink L. Stiltskin August 06, 2003
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A curious boy who can put up a fight and still keep a good heart. No matter what condition he's in he will always put you first.
Tempo protected the girl even though he was very sick.
by lizard girl November 15, 2017
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