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The attitude that a teenager exudes when one thinks she/he knows more than a parent or superior.
No matter what we are taking about, my daughter always thinks she knows more than me. One day she had a sore throat. I was trying to explain to her that she should gargle with salt water, and it would make her throat feel better. Well, she insisted that it wouldn't help. Certainly, the fact that I'm a physician didn't matter. I told her that people pay me for my advice and that this was how I made a living to pay for all of our things. It still didn't matter. Her response....I'm not paying you, Mom. Clearly, a teenatude.

I could see parents saying in exasperation "oh, man, my kid has teenatude." I could also see kids proudly wearing a T-shirt that says, "I have teenatude".
by Waffles the Cobb pony January 12, 2014
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