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Boys who quote things like borat and calls everything and everyone gay just for the sake of it. All they do is want to get in a girls pants and get blowjobs all the time. They nonstop talk about fucking your mom and just fucking in general. And after everything you say they say "your mom" for no apparent reason. And they think the way to a girls heart is messing with them and telling them they have boners just so you will make out with them. They usually are jackasses and act like idiots on a regular basis. As in sticking there arms in a fire and mooning the girls when they get the chance. They brag about drinking and "snorting pepper" just to get a laugh,attention,or to impress us. But at the same time to us teen girls they are the most amazing thing ever to be put on this earth. Well i dont know if all guys are like this. All i know is this is how the ones i know act.
(after hanging out with all friends girls/boys)
teenboy-"hey can we go back to your house after this?"
teengirl-"i dont think so. a few of us girls are spending the night at my house."
teenboy-"so? we could still spend the night."
teengirl-"where would you sleep?"
teenboy-"on top of you!"

teenboy1-"this taste really good"
teenboy2-"thats what your mom said last night!oooh"

teenboy1-"oh my god she is so hot!"
teenboy2-"i know! yeah, i hear she gives good blowjobs too."
teenboy1-"(borat voice)NIIICCEE!"
teenboy2-"(goes up to girl) hey i was looking at you and you gave me a boner! you wanna give me a blowjob?"
teengirl-"NO!!go fuck yourself! you teen boys are all alike!"
by teenagegirltellinitlikeitis10 September 01, 2007
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