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Def. 1: Used to describe something particularly easy, generally a task.
Def.2: Used to describe someone of the opposite sex, particularly in how easy it will be to pick that person up. A sure thing.

origin: beginner's little league game of the same name, where the degree of difficulty in hitting a baseball is reduced by placing it on a tee for the child to hit.
"I know the guy who runs that place, so getting our friends in should be teeball tonight."

"See that drunk chick over there? Total teeball."
by tomburg August 16, 2006
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A sex position that involves three homosexual males where a fun, kiddy recreation sport is recreated for orgasmic pleasure.

Male A lies on the floor with a hard-on (the tee)

Male B crouches over Male A, gently resting his balls on the tip of Male A's penis (the ball)

Male C kneels down next to Males A and B and proceeds to swing his penis in order to make contact with Male B's balls. (the bat)
Jim meets his homosexual friends for coffee at Starbucks.

Jim says, "Hey fellas, I'm feeling particularly horny tonight. Let's play teeball."
by raccoonkinggallet February 28, 2010
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n. Extending the baseball dating analogy, an individual or scenario where advancing to the next base is notably easier than normal.

v. To take advantage of the aforementioned lack of difficulty advancing to next the next base.
1. "How was the party last night?"
"Killer. Met a girl who was a total tee ball."

2. "What do you want to do tonight?"
"Let's find a party and go tee balling."
by that1guyjt August 18, 2011
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