pikey sounds used to annoy the upper-middle classes
we had a 20k rig, dog fighting an' all on that cunts farm.
by gavin September 14, 2003
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Techno isnt really music. techno is electronic sounds coinciding to some kind of beat. Only when applied to some other form of music as a joke or backround sound can it then be "labeled" as music.unless at a rave. By itself it is literally nothing most people would want to listen to even if offered money. (possible exageration)
There is no way i can give an example of my opinion of techno. Words cannot discribe my dislike for it, usually.
by Anonamous April 25, 2005
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spaceless, freedom, and controlled chaos.
"man, the whole experience was techno son."

Truth behind techno music, is the first form of it was inspired by a few soul,disco,jazz spinning homosexuals who frequented loft parties and came to fruition. The sound they developed was house and was designed to audibly simulate sex sounds, Keep in mind it was gays making music for gays. Years later, a birth of hundreds of sub-electronic genre popped up and made the term "techno" as meaningless as the word "easy listening".

IT'S BEEN THE FUTURE. Listen BEHIND your advertisments.

"man, the whole experience was techno son."
by ])]=\/\/ January 05, 2004
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a genre of music which basically an evolved form of disco if you think about it. it is mad up of synthesized drums and samples of beats. and sometimes has a girl singing.
some sub genre's of techno are rave,house,trance.
by JeVoNeR December 10, 2003
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A type of music that originated from the United Kingdom thrue hardcore which is what most modern techno like trance and even jungle/drumand bass is based on. Really good shit. espacally old techno that was created during the uprising of hardcore (1994-1998)
by littleevillebrican August 27, 2003
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1) Music made by computers, not humans!
3) I can't count because I forgot number two
4) Techno music is very popular in Europe, mostly the UK and Germany.
5) A lot of techno music styles suck, but fortunately there's Jungle (Drum and Bass) to make up for that problem.
6) The techno culture is based around DJ's, MC's, vinyl dubplates, raves, sex, drugs, lightsticks.
- Hey did you see that new Honda TV ad? There's some electronic music playing in the background!
- It's techno, not electronic you dip shiite!
- No it's electronica, you monkeys!
by Your nayme here March 19, 2003
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