The procedure of dipping one’s testicles into one’s mouth in an up and down motion.
Secretly gay Devin stood on top of his best friend Harold, who was asleep. He dipped his balls in and out. His saliva lubricated his testicles and it felt so good. Devin accidentally slipped, and his entire ballsack went in his mouth. He tried getting back up, but it was too hard. Harold then started biting. It hurt like hell, squatting naked with pain spreading throughout his balls.
His cock lay across Harold’s neck and Harold’s cat who slept on Harold’s bed woke up. The cat looked at his cock and started to scratch it. Harold bit harder, making Devin hard. This went on for the entire night. Devin vowed to never teabag again.
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by Well, shit. December 26, 2017
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While playing Halo multiplayer, after you kill an opponent, you stand over their body and repeatedly crouch over them. Thus looking like you are tea bagging them. Good for a laugh, especially if the player gets all pissed off.
Dude, I'm sooooo 1337! I love tea bagging noobs!
by fritz the cat September 11, 2005
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The bag you use to make your tea... not something perverted at all
I made tea with a tea bag this morning... and it was not sexual.. in any way at all
by John Lang April 30, 2006
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Dipping one's nuts in a chicks mouth, or when the party crashin' asshole passes out, you 'drape' the ballsack over the face. Another more finely tuned version, saved for the fat bitch that won't leave you alone, The Cleveland Steamer with a Reverse Tea Bag. -Leave a steamer on her chest as you dip your nuts in her mouth.. -For those 'special occasions' :)
"Dude, you pass out, one of these assholes WILL tea bag you!"
by Tenacious D March 26, 2003
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When you put a girl under you and you dip your balls in her mouth
Tea Bag those balls in my mouth baby
by FT\/\/ July 19, 2006
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the act of putting your balls onto someone's face while they are passed out or asleep.
"man dod you see him get tea bagged when he passed out at the party?"
by Leach242013 February 17, 2003
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The art of dipping ones testicles into another persons mouth, much like dipping a teabag into a cup. This act often occurs either in foreplay, or when playing a prank on a passed out friend at a party.
"How about you just your mouth or i'll teabag you when you fall asleep"
by Gav800 September 07, 2005
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