It means "to be honest," and it is often used in Facebook statuses. Another definition is an "honest", yet all-too-flattering comment about a person that liked your status (offering a tbh) in order to receive the comment.

These posts are usually not very honest and I think people would be much more honest if we still had the honesty box. The honesty box was anonymous, private, and as a result, extremely HONEST! Just call it the TBH Box and it will regain its popularity.
Example 1: Like for a tbh (Facebook status)

Example 2: Tbh the Beatles are a great band. I hadn't heard of them before. (Facebook status)

Example 3: Tbh you are an awesome, caring, honest person and I think you're funny and hawt! We should talk more! (requested Facebook wall post)
by Hedonistichermit February 05, 2012
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Tbh - to be honest. Is fucking overused and when ugly ass bitches post on their Instagram "comment for a tbh!" It means that they are gonna write some complete bullshit about how nice you when they don't even give two fucks.... And then the next day you find out that motherfucker ain't even following you back.
"Tbh your so friendly and I love how you care so much about equality :)"
by Bitch peas July 29, 2016
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tbh means "to be honest" however, it is so overused that its now become common place to see it after anything.
The French come from France tbh.

Miles Jacobson is a complete cunt tbh.

by J December 08, 2004
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It is an internet slang word that means To be honest
Tbh I think he's the perfect boyfriend for you. Tobehonest
by Damyjohn April 17, 2016
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1) Acronym for "to be honest"
2) Used by teenage girls on Facebook to farm likes
1)Girl 1: "I think I'm gaining a little weight."
Girl 2: "tbh, you should try eating healthier."

2) Girl 1: "tbh?"
Group of girls: "OMG LIKE LOL!"
by BleachCola August 12, 2013
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