Bringer of joy,love, and peace. Universal healer and being of alchemical, transformational abilities. Related with the tripple goddess of the moon; mother, maiden, and crone; reminding us to embrace each season of life.
Tava brings many blessings to this earth.
by Inanna Star August 31, 2005
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One of the coolest chicks in the world. She knows how to party, and yet, has a huge heart and is deeply compassionate with her less gifted, witless Tara friends.
The girl is such a tava, party on girl!
by the man March 29, 2005
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A Low Cost Provider on the "Big Whore Network". Her singing abilities have been compared to Hillary Duff and make our ears want to retreat! She's also the Original Korean.
"If you don't stop acting like that people will think you're a Tava!"
by Tara March 28, 2005
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Totally rockin' chick from the midwest. Everyone loves a Tava and wants to be friends with a Tava. She is hip. She is cool. She rocks!
That girl is such a Tava I wish I was like her!
by viscioustart March 28, 2005
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Doing a tavas or tavasing, is the act of simultaneously brushing your teeth while pissing in the sink.
I didn’t have time to get ready today so I had to do a tavas
by Whippedcreamonshit November 6, 2020
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Ur mum who sucks everything out of your dad
Eric is tava mate for emily
by Lacisass February 20, 2020
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A species of mammal that resides exclusively in Victoria park London. Great cigarette roller; amazing speller; allround hook up gal; choade; one half of wildly successful band "Drummer Wanted".
A girl in a pub exclaims loudly "I don't even speak English". Common reply being; " Oh my choade that girl is such a Tava Oh"
by kerry can do January 27, 2007
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