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another name for people who take care of mentally handicapped kids and prevent them from harming them selves or others.
johnny got a job with the tard guard, then he got pooped on
by bobby brown75 July 03, 2006
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A tard guard is a safety mechanism put in place to prevent people from doing something that anyone with normal intelligence wouldn't do anyway.
I was late for work because the tard guard on the garage door opener is broken. Everytime the door is nearly closed, it stops and opens again.
by butlerj January 11, 2018
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A faggot who follows around retards to make sure they aren'e hurt (even though the retard deserves to be hurt) because they do not see the evil in retards, who are quite obviously demon possessed.
I hate retards and I kill them for fun, and to stop them from forcing their evil ways upon the world. I would kill that retard over there with my knife if that tard guard didn't look so menacing.
by The Retard Cleaver May 15, 2011
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A tardgaurd is a godlike item that you will need when there are to many tard at once
I need a Tardguard for all these tards coming at me
by Ya Tard February 14, 2018
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(n.) A device put on top of water bottles to prevent the liquid inside from splashing you when you drink, referred to in the more formal name as a "splash guard". Only a true retard would need a guard to prevent him/her from pouring their drink upon his/herself.
-"OMG dude he just put a Tard Guard on his water bottle!"
-"what a retard!"
by johnsonraymenhymen August 03, 2009
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