Infiniti's version of the Japanese Domestic Market Skyline. Comes with a standard VQ series 3.5L V6.

The G35 sedan debuted in 2003 with 260 hp and a 5 speed automatic. In 2003.5 Infiniti released a 6 Speed Manual Transmission version of the Sedan and the G35x which is the All-Wheel Drive Version. In 2005, the sedan comes with 277 hp. The base price is 28,000 for a sedan and well optioned it is about 35,000. This cuts an equally performing BMW 330i by 8-10,000 dollars. Amazing value car.

The Infiniti G35 Sport Coupe is another story. It was released in 2003 with a 5 spd auto and 280 hp. The version everybody killed for was the 6 Speed manual. It came with 18" wheels, Michelin Pilot sports, Brembo brakes, sport tuned suspension and sport tuned exhaust. In 2004 there were some interior upgrades. In 2005 the coupe will have 298 hp and 19" forged alloy wheels.

The Infiniti G35 won the 2003 Motor Trend Car of the Year. It is a segment leader in value performance and looks. This car will make history.
Brilliant Silver 2004 Coupe with 6 speed manual. :).
by Homologous December 16, 2004
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The car that gullible BMW (3 & 5 series) owners who bought into the whole "German engineering" scam wish they had gotten when they experience the mountains of repair bills drive them deeper into debt.

Smart people know that when it comes to cars, nothing beats Japanese engineering for style and reliability.
Dammit! I knew we should've bought the G35 instead of this POS BMW!
by SimonX April 19, 2020
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An awsome care made by infiniti at a great price, capable of 0-60 in 5.5 seconds when its stock, great AWD performance in all road conditions, does 104mph 1/4 mile (very fast for stock car) and does hit 160 if you have enough road. Luxerous seats with premium bose sound, to infiniti and beyond!
Dam that G35 just beat my Stang' on the track
by Daenon April 15, 2008
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New Jersey Guidomobile, G35 really means Guido35, they all have one!
"hey check out angelo's G35, mommy and daddy bought it for him!"

"wow look at tony blast his techno in his G35 down the parkway to seaside"
by therza August 10, 2009
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When a chick has a nice ass, but an ugly as hell face. Like the Infinity G35, a car with a sweet rear end, but ugly ass grill. Usually a chick with sweet assage but ugly crooked teeth and screwed up eyes
"Man...did you see that chick that Chuck just nailed? Total fuckin' G35 man..."
by Badassical Baddage January 19, 2006
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G35. To many it is known as a sultry luxury-sports coupe. Sadly, a high percentage of those who drive the G35 coupe can not afford a BMW 3xx but still wish to act in the pompous manner said BMW owners do. This leads to many stoplight encounters, where, if you accelerate at even the speed of the common land tortoise, the G35 owner will attempt to show you how small his dick is by taking off.

Motoring enthusiasts know better though, as the G35 has become a bit of a punching bag concerning metrosexual males and their undying need of attention. The reasoning is simple: inside the first aid kit for the G35, be it the coupe or the sedan, you'll find a single Maxi-pad "Feminine Napkin."

As such, the term G35 is used much in the same way that "fag" is. And for good reason.
If I drop the soap, I'll find out very quickly who drives a G35.
That's G35 material.
Ten bucks says that guy in the pink polo with his collar up drives a G35.
Did you know Lance Bass has a G35?
by JasonE. December 13, 2007
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A shorthand term for the Glock 35, it is a longslide version of the Glock 22 full-size pistol chambered in .40S&W, coming with a total length of 8.15 inches. Standard magazines for the G35 are 15-round capacity.
"You know that dumbshit DEA agent that shot himself?"
"It was a G22, kinda like a G35."
"A G35 is a car, you fuckhead. How can you shoot yourself with a car?"
by Algorithm January 24, 2007
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