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A very popular ship name between two certain students whose names are Tim and Amber at a certain middle school.
"Oh my god, did you see Tamber together? They are so perfect together! I ship it so much!"
by This Isn't Me February 01, 2014
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A non-intuitive way to make your ghetto and broken things work again.
Pamela's car won't start. She somehow figures out that she needs to turn her wheel towards the left to get her car to start. After about a month it gets to the point where she has to get her boyfriend to open the door, post both feet up on the rocker panel, and use both hands and all his strength to pull the wheel to left in order for her to turn her car on. Pamela's car is ghetto, and this is her tamber to make it work. (can also be used as a verb)
by Suzanne Cash April 29, 2008
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