an indian name which means desire. a girl named tamanna (a.k.a tama) tends to be crazy and fun loving. never thinks about what she is doing. but poeple love to have her around. she could also be very moody at times and hypersensitive. but she is intelligent and attractive and sexy (definitely not fat)
tamanna is so tamanna only.
by tamarules December 5, 2009
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They best person you can ever get .. You are the best and you shine and without you their darkness every where and 4k in this 144hp world
You are best Tamanna
by Lovelyzz May 3, 2021
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A girl named Tamanna is very shy, awkward and beautiful. She can be inappropriate at times, and she makes a lot of jokes. She’s a fun girl to be around with. Tamanna’s are almost always quiet. Tamanna’s are very generous. They’re super hot too.
Yo I want Tamanna”
by TheTeaCup November 9, 2019
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Tamanna is an indian name which means heart’s desire, they are generous, kind, helpful and they love animals, you are lucky if you have a Tamanna in your life.
Is it an angel? Oh no must be a Tamanna
by November 24, 2021
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Tamanna is so fucking sexy with a hot body. she's soooo hot she makes the sun look cool she's also a amazing house wife everyone needs a Tamanna and everyone will love a Tamanna so if you have one in ur life treasure her.
by #only the truth October 30, 2018
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the most sweetest,cutest, beautiful, my Soulmate and bestie Tamanna.

So glad to have her. All must have a girl like Tamanna in her life. As y'all can understand how prescious she is
Ily Tamanna<3
- from Tasmiah
Omg look our best girl Tamanna is coming
by swaggybangtxn January 5, 2022
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Tends to be a fiery character and considered to be rude whilst on their period. They’re very loving and caring when they want to be but most of the times they could be a bitch.
Tamanna is actually the best person in the whole wide world. She means everything to me and I am very lucky to have her in my life.
by Ahaha2910 October 30, 2022
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