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beautiful, tall,intelligent female. very goal oriented and knows what she wants out of life. Sort of shy but in a sexy way. However, mess with her in the wrong way and it over
talisa is the best name ever
by Talisa aka Lee Lee January 26, 2009
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Small and speckled. Dances and runs like a camel.

Besides these aspects, she is beyond loyal to her friends, kind, caring, and compassionate to everyone around her. She always strives to do the right thing and will be the biggest support in your life if you're there for her. Don't ever lose this person from your life.
Person 1: Who is that?
Person 2: Where?
Person 1: that one girl over there....she's small though...
Person 2: Ohhh that's Talisa. You can also call her Teresa.
by smallloose May 08, 2013
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A short girl who loves to give jokes, she is beautiful but doesn't believe it, she is smart and innocent and she loves to have friends even though she has trouble showing her emotions. She is caring, generous, kind, weird and loving. If you have a Talisa in your life do not let her go.
Girl 1: I am in desperate need of a weird and beautiful friend.
Girl 2: I have a friend in mind, her name is Talisa.
by Cat girl 1o1 July 25, 2018
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Talisa Sutton: Omg. Look at me! Look at me! Im so perfect!
Katrina: Who's the malibu barbie?
Tina: Just a dumb fake slut.
by Tina Kat August 28, 2009
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