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Afghanistan based group. Said to have harboured Al Quaeda and allowed their training camps. Noted for their severe Islamic beliefs and their repression of women's rights.

Lesser known for being one of the few of the many tribes in Afghanistan to have held the entire country securely for any period of time.
Pro-US troops during the Cold War, succesfully defended against cold war-USSR for many many years.
Taleban forces retreated to caves where they put up stiff resistance.
by Ep1taph July 14, 2003

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A method whereby you log into two FTP servers, and get them to transfer files between them, rather then d/l from one and u/l to the other. Something commonly used in the illegal copying and trading of pirated software.
I FXP'd that file to my home machine.
by Ep1taph July 14, 2003

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The most produced Assault Rifle of the past Century. The AK-47 fired 7.62mm ammunition, later changed to the modern NATO standard in the AKM. Copied by countries all over the world, especially old Soviet-Bloc Cold War countries.
The AK47 rifle is easy to maintain is is reliable in all conditions at a very affordable price and is very easy to manufacture.
by Ep1taph July 14, 2003

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