Talan is the ruler of the Universe. You better not even breathe out disagreement, or he may strike you down right there, heathen.

Oh man, Talan kicks so much ass it isn't even funny. Just the other day these little brats were laughing and he just walks over there and smites them with his kickass mauls. It was pretty funny, actually.

This one time, I was riding and with Talan, and he just jumps his car off of a cliff. I wet myself, but he just laughed and did a few flips and then the car slammed into the ground. He was alright though, since he is so killer. But I had to go to the hospital. It sucked.
"I'm going to do a talan and kick that guy in the nuts and rip out his spleen."

"Talan is the ruler of the universe."
by Nottalan April 30, 2005
he is so hot, tan, smart, athletic, and overall one of the best guys you will ever meet. he loves his girlfriend and treats her so good. and listen to this he will make you melt bc his voice is perfect.
“talan is so hot”- all the girls

“yeah he is”-his gf
by shoutoutmybrother August 25, 2019
the sexiest mf out there. the funniest mf out there. the best mf out there.
the best best mf to be with but whatever you do, don't get on their bad side
did you see talan? they're such a sexy mf
by dazzaiiii March 8, 2021
talan is a american country fuck boy that doesnt shut up
Dont be such a talan its a turnoff
by eup129 January 16, 2018
yet another fake, possibly-gay kid who thinks he's going to be famous and special. a prime example of whats wrong with laguna these days
"i think i want to be famous" "youre such a fucking talan"
by brrryce May 9, 2005
Talan is funny,intelligent,and caring.And he is a good basketball player
I wish I was Talan he is the man.
by Datking April 6, 2018
a normal person who will most likely kick your ass if you talk shit about him but is really cool to get to know
don't mess with that kid he is a Talan
by adaptations May 6, 2009