Takoma Park is a fuckin SWEET hippy town. lots of TREES!, chill spots, parks, and blaaazers young and old. a place where you can walk to all your friends houses, smoke on every street, and enjoy the environment.
x: damn, where should we smoke??
l: well, we can hotbox at the christian school, smoke on the roof, at spring park, opal D's, Westmoreland park, jna busses, the college, the woods, the gazeebo, piney branch, sligo, fuck lets just do it here, its Takoma Park.
by Flinz October 04, 2005
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capital of hippie-land, home of speed humps (not to be confused with speed bumps) and lots of drunkenneess atop christian schools deep in the night. also home of the squirrel lady and that guy who walks around swinging a dead fox.
l: dude, let's break into jna
j: and steal a fireextinguisher
l: lets get drunk first
e: and high
l: whoohooo
j: i hate war!
e: free love!
l: i love animals, give them rights!
by hottness January 12, 2004
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Yo you wanna go smoke some mugwort in Takoma Park?

Yeah dude, all I wanna do tonight is fall asleep and dream.
by Sir bitchassnigga III June 10, 2013
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A school located in Silver Spring. Unlike the other definition written by some idiot, this school is unaccepting as fuck and almost all the kids juul, vape, and smoke crack. There is a huge ass divide between the magnet nerds and the non magnet kids who smuggle in weed. This school is only marginally better than Eastern.
Yo, did you go to Takoma Park Middle School?

Yea man, that place was rough as fuck, had to carry a glock with me cuz the security guards didn't do shit. One had 3 teeth and jacked off to hentai all day.
by dont_sag_21 September 05, 2021
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takoma park is the nicest town in the world with the nicest people and i know that from only going there once a year for a festival.I made this definition with 'takoma park k' as a name as the word earlier along time to show the ability of pixels and how they can deceive the eyes of teens typed with mistakes from a total jerk perspective but at the time i thought it was the right thing to do and i regret it everyday (plus alot of alcohol that made me think i was doing a smart thing ). i picked this nice town and pulled out a bunch junk that wasent true to see how many people would beleave it . although 75 percent did even if only a few but please people that was an image, a clown face ,not true, fake a lie, dang b s! its dang takoma park! i was an idiot for being an idiot to see if i can trick idiots you know what i mean.
billyjoebob xx apricot one lives in a rich suburb with a rich family whos parents work to 9-5 but 2 percent there are poor so that makes him poor and ghetto and gives him the right to act like hes suffering from poverty and gangs when closest thing his peoples have to a gang sign is a peace sign yano \\ // south side peace represent dawg( im not dissing the people who are poor around there though im dissing people like me .but the people who are poor and in gangs you should never think of it as a glamorous lifestyle , it is close to suffering maybe not as a child but when they grow up and hit 20 it is a very tough road and once you go a certain way its extremely hard to change directions)

and finally im an idiot when i wasnt feeling well ; i thought of those as opinions but in reality it was just evidence that there was a human on this earth that was 50 million years behind evolution. im so sorry i love all people , dont be under anything and when you are its hard to think for your self i said some phobic stuff but that was because i saw south park saying and i thought it was a comedy and every one said that.that was how young i was. im so sorry for trying to act like an idiot im such a spineless idiot for having typed that definition. im so sorry.dont do stuff.

you have been warned dont do stuff right before you go on in the internet . pull the cords out hide them and when your feeling better attach the cords back because youl end up making the biggest mistake of your life! please for the love of any thing that is good in this world hide the cords or better yet block poserdictionary.com and type jibberish as a pass word dont write it down youl forget and the disease is prevented ~ding deng done~ its set! no more worries when your drunk ! im so sorry please know that, know matter how dumb some one might think they are there is always some one with less of a head for example me.im so sorry everyday i really am please know that

takoma park k maryland bethesda rich money
by sober idiot is sorryo12 August 04, 2007
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