To swim; to take a dip in a body of water.
- I'm taking a dip, you coming?
- No, the water is way too cold.
by Sewil1 October 1, 2018
To take a dip is to:
-Put your penis in a vagina and take it right back out and slap them with it
-To skinny dip and have an orgy

-Essentially sex upon sex with hitting your sword on their face
Hey ma nigga wanna be taking a dip later tonight with me?
Ayyyy ma nigga yass
by skillzuponskillz March 16, 2017
When you sit on the toilet and your balls hit the water....preferably those of a Mawee warrior named Woufo.....
Dude last night I went to the bathroom and took a dip...
Ew gross did u wipe them off?
Let's take a dip....
by Woufo March 27, 2015
To have sex with a woman whilst she’s on her period.
“Not tonight babe, I’m on my period
It’s fine to take a dip in the river, but I wouldn’t drink from it”
by Youseisaproperword July 16, 2018