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the new song from chris brown...which is a song about sex mostly but it's good
it ain't my 1st time but baby girl we can pretend
take this bump and grind girl tonight will never end
can i take you down
i really wanna take you down
and show you what i'm about
let me take you down
your body body
by neseychild November 09, 2007
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A school in oakland,california that is also known as OSA....It focuses on your talent....which is between vocal music,visual arts,acting,dance,instramental music,and literary arts
Yet, the dress code won't let it's students express themselves through thier clothes so at the moment we only get to wear polos and slacks......
Person1:"Why aren' t you wearnig jeans?"

Osa student:"Cause i go to the parkinglot-sidewalk-middle of san pablo street school..."

Person1:"Oh,you mean Oakland school for the arts???"

Osa student:"Yeah..."
by neseychild January 15, 2008
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