The little bits of shit that get caught up in your taint hairs.
I went down on a woman and while eating her out I felt like a pig rooting out her taint truffles.
by Imafunny August 01, 2017
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the dried up spoge that settles in ones ass crack
Girl: Oh my god, i had anal last night, and i have a huge taint waffer in my crack.
by aceboxer January 27, 2012
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1. A sex slave who washes taints

2. An insult for a bitch who might as well wash taints
“You little taint washer, wash my taint!”
by NRShits September 12, 2020
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An electrode consisting of at least two prongs, but usually more. Each prong is terminated with a conductive metal pin or socket used in aircraft harness connectors. With a voltage source connected all one has to do is touch prongs to taint area and an electric shock will be delivered.
Why aren't you walking properly?

Because I got hit with a handy taint zapper in my sleep, it really hurts.
by Nik Danger March 25, 2010
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The taint of a person who has generally had way too many sexual experiences. Often green and decaying.
OMG! Mom, my blind date had a zombie taint! It was awful.
When she got undressed her zombie taint be falling out everywhere.
by Poompi December 21, 2015
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