Transferring taint smell from the finger to the upper lip.
I said sniff my taint, she dsaid "Sure" so I jammed a hand down my underwater and scooped up a dose of taint with my middle finger and smearted it on her upper lip. She said" That Taint Funny"!
by Mr.keith.lander March 24, 2014
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The place some piece of electronic communications resides between sending and receiving. Usually only noteworthy when the delay is pronounced.
Wilma: Why did not not answer my text? Dino was choking!
Fred: I never got a text from you.
Wilma: Bullshit, show me your phone!
Fred takes out phone and shows recent texts with none from from Wilma...
Wilma: My text must be stuck in the e-taint.
by jfburke619 September 12, 2018
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