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A man or woman who is beginning to gain a little too much weight.
Matt: Would you bang Brittany?

Shane: I don't know man. Sheis starting to remind me of Howard Taft. You know, the president that got so fat that he got stuck in his own bathtub.

Matt: I think you may be right. She has been lookin a little tafty
by mrlarezzo April 24, 2017
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fake tattoos so that people can feel cool without having to actually get tatted up
friend 1: "look at my sick new ink that i got!"
friend 2: "that tattoo is so cool...too bad it's just a tafty"
by silentxbeauty February 22, 2015
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This is a person who makes fun of fat people for fun.
You fell tough when you try to fight a fat kid you Tafty.
by ad8800 July 21, 2016
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