pronounciation: f-al-tam

(adj.) a word used to label something as unwanted and or unappealing; horrible, LAME.

(n.) something horrible or lame.
Ernie: Check out these kicks, nukka!

Chris: No man, no. Those are some faol taem shoes. You filk.
by WhackoJacko September 22, 2007
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The greatest csgo team to touch the face of the planet.
Proper Team: "We are so good"
Taem Meta proceeds to stomp their ass.
by taemmetabard June 25, 2018
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taems is the relationship between a certain taeyong and a certain ems. they relationship started in 2017 but will last forever because they love each other way too much (but ems loves him more)
by immenct January 30, 2018
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Taem is one of that nice guys with small cocks and that likes bombs.
U are a taem. Nice taem u got there
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