A living legend, loved by everyone, deserves the world, very sexy, cute and beautiful . He can sing , dance. He can also capture the hearts of both men and women. People call him "angel" because of his beautiful voice
Taeil sings like an angel
I want to marry a guy like Taeil!!
Wow, he deserves the world
by nctweed December 26, 2017
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somebody who outsang your favs
taeil outsang jungkook
by cherrybombtaeil May 12, 2022
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A whole fuckin owl
"Who who"
Is an icon when it comes to Halloween.
Has been Beauty the Beast and a mailman.
You can't fuck with him cuz he's Taeil.
Stevie: Woah who's that weirdo?

Me: That's Taeil and if you gotta problem kindle watch as I poke your cheek out of pure hatred.

Johnny: you get em' Me no one disrespects my hyung like that!
by Dickthetruckdriver March 31, 2019
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You look super cute and innocent but no one knows what goes on in your head. But you’re always genuinely nice and want the best for people. Although if someone hurts you, you won’t let it go that easy.
Person: Taeil is the nicest person isnt he?
by emilie_thesv February 2, 2021
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Taeil is the standard. In fact in 2012 he offered to give Beyoncé singing lessons, look where she is now. Everyone wants to be him so bad. He literally invented singing, rapping, dancing, AND kpop as we know it.
Taeil outsang.
Taeil outrapped.
Taeil outdanced.
Taeil outvisualed.
Moon Taeil period.
Person 1: hey, I wanna take up dancing. Do you know where I should start?
Person 2: Just watch Taeil fancams, we all know he’s the standard.


Person 1: OMG Mariah Carey is such a good singer, I wonder where she learned from.

Person 2: obviously Taeil considering he invented it.
by Notczennie November 25, 2021
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A member of Kpop boyband NCT and also the visual, main vocalist, poet and comedian of the century. There is nothing Moon Taeil can't do.
Moon Taeil is the greatest person you'll ever want to stan!
by zaaveme November 18, 2017
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the cutest, softest squishiest boy with the voice of an angel
mandy ~ wow i didn’t even realise moon taeil was a part of nct

me ~ bitch stfu how could you not acknowledge this perfect beautiful man i suggest you go drown yourself in bleach •̀‸•́
by cutie .。.:*☆ taeil November 4, 2018
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