A man who is very self loving and he loves his music aka DJ ECHO on the fucking mic.
by AJ0161 October 16, 2019
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An innocuous sound file located in Windows, it used to serve as a startup sound for the first versions of Windows, but now it serves no other purpose than a running joke at Microsoft
Bill : *starts computer*

PC: Tada!
by Mr. Smeef February 12, 2016
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An exclamation used when one wants to present new information with fanfare. Commonly mispronounced as "dada" by people who are illiterate.
Bruce wanted to make a good first impression on his future in-laws and he knew there was no better way to convey how committed he is to their daughter's happiness than showing them how well he grooms his public hair. He takes his perch upon the coffee table, drops trou, then while using horizontal jazz hands and helicoptering his penis he says "Tada!" with a musical tone.
by Crand May 17, 2018
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