Before you get to know what this means, i would like to say "Goodbye"
He he...

Well that is what it means, or simply it reads as 'Tata' or 'Ta-ta' which means 'bye'
AB : Hey, i have to rush to market
NB : Ah, okay. So ?

AB : So, nothing. I guess Tada :p
NB : Tada, eh what is that ?

AB : I mean Ta-ta(bye)
NB : Oh, well then tada :) !!!
by Eninel May 29, 2012
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The sound made when you have done something worth a celebration but you don't have the energy or funds to throw a party at that moment so you settle with a simple sound.
Ted: Hey guys I got back from the bar this morning and still had some money left! TA DA!

Ninja: Thats great Ted...just great but what about your dignity?

Midget Ninja: Ya dude...I had no idea you could make an X-ray with a lamp, a light socket, a camera and the anus.
by BrandonXBlizzard July 31, 2008
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A Tadas is a Lithuanian guy who looks mean as hell when you first meet him. He was probably a playground bully in elementary school and stole your Zeppelin for lunch at Lithuanian school. Tadas bitches back at the teachers when they give out new homework and tests. He drives a red hooptie named lightning to school everyday but claims he's got a secret Mercedes back in Kaunus. He talks more shit than can fit in the north american sewage system. He can only tolerate well done steak and eats chicken tenders with utensils. Tadas is a rogue Lithuanian who dreams of marrying a sister if you know what I mean. He's a real softie deep down but if you hurt his feelings he will take everything you love because he's a vicious man. He's a real homie though at the end of the day.
"Hey do you know that Tadas kid?"

"Yeah he got mad at that kid for talking to that Desiree girl and he punched him in the guts"

"That's vicious
by Firegirl06 January 03, 2019
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These people mostly come from eastern europe they are the best gamers alive if you meet one be careful he might challenge you to a 1v1 they are the best looking human beings and they all have a bright future
Daaaayumm that guy is the best at gaming and looks good he must be Tadas
by Dzimdziomgfromasia November 13, 2019
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Of Turkish-Italian origin. Phrase created to express a timeless, synchronistic love; written in stone and greater than love in any other form. Soulmate.
You will always be my "Ta-Da" or Finding "Ta-Da" transcends all rituals and conclusions. It is an unending, complex, intimate dance together
and nothing matters more
than your own sense of balance
and your choice of partner.
by [Da-Da] May 03, 2005
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Usually said in reference to the ultra-tight clothing company and tagging crew.
Tada does some bunk ass shit, yo!
by Tada, ltd. January 15, 2006
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When you make your exterior hide your interior
Y'all y'all listen up I am about to do some calculus yup yup.

Dude I am so Tada up in here I am dabbing my tats and not shutting my trap
by Notorious Big W September 21, 2016
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