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Tactical spooning is the militarised version of the civillian term spoon or spooning;

When applied to the military, the act of tactical spooning is not a romantic exchange, but rather an act of survival and the desire to stay warm in harsh environmental conditions. This protective posture can be utilised in either the sitting or laying position.
Soldier 1: Man it's so teeth are chattering and my hands are starting to freeze....dude, we have to tactical spoon.

Soldier 2: Okay.
by Cfn. Collins May 09, 2005
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The spoon that comes in an MRE. Used for assisting a healthy dump in the field.
Wow, I just took a shit and I wouldn't have made it were it not for the 'tactical spoon' I brought with me.
by ninja694evar March 01, 2007
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When a man utilizes the spooning position (male posterior to female, both partners in lateral decubitus position in close contact) to soften his old lady in order to accomplish a tactical mission.
John Mayer, engaging Jennifer Aniston in a tactical spoon on a loungechair at her Malibu beachfront house: "Honey, we had a great weekend together. I sure wish you could come to my next concert. Anyway, you don't mind if I have a menage a trois with Jessica Simpson and Tony Romo, right?"
by N-gu August 14, 2008
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