Move tactical in the streets; to carefully plan movements and to always be aware of surroundings
I've got to move tact out here cause the cops be lurking.
by Elliante Zoe May 16, 2019
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(Adj) A term used flippantly to label a person or situation grossly inept. Often used a reply to a question that has no logical answer. Interchangeable with "Operator as Fuck."
"Hey bro, why the fuck are we standing out in the cold watching the Bar Kays at midnight on a Thursday?"

"Tact Man" *shoulder shrug*
by JoGa November 20, 2014
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Tact exercised in an electronic environments, for example, when composing email, instant messenging, or weblogging (or commenting therein).
Jim thought he was being funny and clever, but his comments about my blog lacked e-tact.
by Juan Franela February 23, 2005
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Is when your using you common sence.

(mums deffenition, not mine :P)
by Craig (Diane is my mum) January 30, 2004
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A saying that states that one should be more tactful when sharing his/her personal opinions and not be a douchebag about it.
If you don't wanna come off as a dick while sharing your opinion on something, then use tact for taste. It really won't make you look like a jerk.
by CelticEagle February 17, 2019
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An overly friendly russian that joins your raid group and proceeds to lay out battleplans, strategies and logistics. While initially nobody listens to him, the russians months of preparation eventually convince the group to follow his instructions. When it comes to the actual boss fight, the russians plans appear to be too complicated for mere mortals to comprehend. Only after after multiple attempts is the group able to slay the boss.
(no shoulders were dropped during the making if this defenition)
pass: wtf are these tacts?
poeticas: this is what the tacts russian told us to do, just roll with it.
by waltiger May 20, 2017
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Ability to tell someone to F*** off while making them happy to be on their way.
Solicitor: * rings door bell* "Can I sell you...<interrupted>"
You: *Squirts him in face with steak sauce* "Piss off quickly before the wolves smell you. They hunt at night." *howling in distance*
Solicitor: Gladly runs to car and drives off.

Your friend: Wow, that's some Irish Tact in action. He wasn't even mad at you.
by Alsryth July 12, 2019
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