SYN is a youth radio station on air in Melbourne, Australia. Acheiving cult popularity levels, SYN 907 has won legions of young (and old) fans with its unique mix of indie, Asian pop, hip-hop, punk/metal, beats, youth content, amazing local bands, and The Naughty Rude Show.
SYN 907 - we may be young, but we know our shit.
by VirusBattler August 22, 2005
someone with the most immaculate irresistible rizz on the planet. Professional E-sexer
Bro I just saw Syn's dick and that shit was huuuge
by father1213 December 21, 2022
Billy “ you witty

Me “syn bruv
by Ilikestinkysocks January 26, 2019
"damnn girl look at that SYN over there he fine as"
by Rey'sWife11 January 4, 2021
T-syn (short for Taylor Syndrome), which means Blue Balls, named after a girl who likes to tease alot, but never follows through.
Have you experienced T-syn? Ya, blue balls.
by Staylor September 9, 2008
Syn Gates SIN GAYTSS- a person that is damn talented (especially at the guitar) and is the sex moohaha :
"DAYUMN!! THAT GUITAR SOLO/DRUM SOLO/BASS RIFF ETC,ETC WAS SO SYN GATES!!! Which means they're really talented at w/e
Which means that the guy being talked about is ALMOST (as no1 is the sex like Syn) as hott as Syn Gates :
by ^Mel Vengeance^ September 12, 2006