Syn, meaning “suck your nan” anyone who says that to you, means true disrespect, wouldnt take that
Bill: syn you idiot,

joe: you just told me to suck my nan?
by LuciferK September 10, 2022
fool when it comes on love she definitely miss her ex
i miss him

miss na kita balik kana di nako galit
putangina syn ampogi mo
by strangerrrszss May 14, 2022
Some yuong niggas
those syns tryna holla at me
by kkkkkkhhhhhkkkkk January 29, 2021
Usually, people in syn are raging homiesexuals, but are still homophobic. Dont forget the racism! As they are violently racist and horny! Yes you heard that right horny!! A majority of the members are also Horny Depressed Scumbags!!!
Michael: Im in syn
Female: *gets restraining order*
by Shower Shoes March 4, 2021
Clearly a big troll yet does not know it to themselves.
This guy is exactly a Syn.
by NotLikeSyn February 28, 2022
"omg did u hear syn#1000 nuked a discord!!!!!"
"omg SYN#1000 LEMME GET A SONG PLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
by yeatfan July 15, 2022