adj. (Variation on "swift") Well; healthy; energetic; alert; comfortable; happy. One who is injured or feels ill, depressed, etc. does not "feel swooft" (nor "swift"). Usually employed in this negative sense, at least in the Southern U.S.
Dan won't be comin' in today, he ain't feelin' too swooft.
My, you're lookin' swift today; how's the leg?
by Russell M. June 21, 2007
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A sarcastic way of saying swift, as in small and intellegent.
Oh, he's a swooft one.
by Adam S January 4, 2004
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(verb) another form of scoop; to grab or extract someone or something; also use 'Swoof'
you were a mess last night, i swoofted you out the club
by shaquifah blue October 30, 2011
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Swoofting is the action of waving a fart away from your bottom.
Girl 1: oh my god did you see Rhys swoofting his fart over there?
Girl 2: he is totally swoofting!!!
Rhys: I am the best swoofter
by Jojobopeep July 12, 2018
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