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slang for 'swamp donkey' - term used to express disgust toward the nasty, wallee, sliza(sleezy), girls (seldom but possibly guys) that are generally found in lounges, bars, clubs, etc. (sometimes in your own home or front yard should you find yourself involved with someone who's father, brother, son, etc. has very low standards or extremely poor taste)
commonly known to create nausea, lack of sexual function or desire and confusion upon awakening from a night of wearing beer goggles should she still be with you at this time. If you or a loved one encounters this situation you must; immediatley evacuate or remove the swonkey, shower thourghly with antibacterial soap and HOT water, brush teeth and rinse with Listerine (or Scope), wash (or burn) exposed articles of clothing before wearing again, drink a minumum of 64 ounces of water followed by 1 full dose of Bentonite or equivalent detoxifier and last but not least have another beer!
an overweight person (generally female) found hanging around the drunkest guy in the bar, pub, club or similar atmosphere,
usually seen rubbing her foobs (fat boobs) on anyone who will allow the disgraceful behavior portrayed by the swonkey
by Burns75 November 07, 2008
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