Used to express that a surprising victory or zinger has occurred.

(Usually accompanied by a two-handed gesture: both arms up, palms forward. Then, swing wrists so that your palms end facing the floor without moving your arms. Do this as you say "swish")
"She hid the beer, but I found it."

"Oh, swish!"
by DrMomentum June 02, 2004
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The word Swish derives from the term cool

Also related to words sweet, kewl, mad, etc.
BoB: check out my new single bed
Frank: did those urine stains come with it?
BoB: yer
Frank: ooh Swish dude!
by redevil01 <Philli August 04, 2003
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an expression of excitement; an exclamation of an event worth celebrating in the moment; to be rad.
1.AAHH, that rhyme was SWISH doggy dogg!

2.(after doing something cool)...SWISH!

3.Your new kicks are SWISH!
by Al gurl January 12, 2009
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1) To spam, overpost or to whine for attention
2) To ask a number of questions , none of which make much sense, and most of which could have easily been found by a quick search
3) Generic term for a n00b
1) Stop swishing already, you've already posted 5 threads today
2) This person is such a swish, he's been asking directions to the bank for the last 5 minutes
3) What a n00b, what a swish
by Haedrian October 11, 2006
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A very potent alcohol, generally made crudely by poor people or alcoholics. It's easily noticeable by the particles floating in the concoction.
Lukey is gettin tangly on da swish tonight budday.
by C-Dawg February 17, 2005
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