Another way to say you're bisexual. To be bisexual. To play for both sides. To date both men and women. To have sex with both men and women.
- "Is he gay?"
- "No, I think he's just a swinging door."
- "Excellent, I have a chance!"
by Cam Jam. August 25, 2009
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When you’re having sex with your woman, and your balls are hanging by her β€œbrown eye”, the woman then farts causing your balls to swing back like a door.
Bro, Selina totally gave me the β€œSwinging Door”!
by Kgizzel November 24, 2018
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originated in the context of the expression "hotdog in a hallway".
refers to larger than average vaginal lips, or labia, and their subsequent movement on entering.
"I've got strong pull-out game, but these swinging doors nearly got me."
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by Virtual Antiquity August 01, 2018
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