Pollen Swenis. When you jack off so much that the first letters in your swollen penis become reversed!
"he jacks off so much that his swollen penis turned in to a pollen swenis!
by Pete Negwaski! December 12, 2006
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The most clumsiest girl and goofiest girl you will ever met, shes shy irl but she is definitely one of the friends you should keep and stay in contact. Oh and she also have the most beautiful face and is direct descendant of Aphrodite :)
Damn, have you ever had Tania Sweny in ur life ? No ? Then youre not living ur life to the fullest
by Skrrr pap pap pap April 4, 2019
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I had really bad Swenis last night after wrestling practice.

I could smell the swenis from miles away and when he took it out to show me it had fungus growing in the pubes from the sweat.
by Floof September 17, 2017
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