The name of one of the keyboards (known as manuals) on a pipe organ. Generally located just above the "Great" manual. The pipes linked to the Swell are usually enclosed in a box with flaps that can be opened and closed to change the volume.
On two or three manual organs, it is generally located at the top.
On four+ manual organs, it is often the third keyboard from the bottom.
We'll have to get take off the Oboe stop on the Swell. It's not sounding on F#.
by MLG_Organist June 10, 2019
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What happens to a guy's phallus when he thinks dirty thoughts.
The images flashing through my mind made my member swell.
by ;,;sillyrabbit;,; October 21, 2005
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A girl who is extremely loving, she’s keeper and know how to take care of her friends in her own way. She’s unique, passionate, smart and beautiful. You won’t found someone like her twice in your life. And she’s also super cool as her name.
Jorah : « Swell walked by me today, it brightens my day »

Demba seeing someone doing something cool : « Oh that’s Swell! »
by Sweetkyh May 14, 2019
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Similar to swag. Having style and confidence. Made famous from Chiddy Bang
Yo bro my swell is on a hunnit right now

Your what?

My swell young boy
by Datboul356 October 17, 2013
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1. Its all good
2. like when the waves get big
My gym teacher says he made up the word swell, but he is a liar.
by Tim Z. March 11, 2008
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marriage between "sweat" and "hell"
"How's your new job?"

"Oh, swell. It's just swell."
by polonius April 17, 2008
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