A term used to describe a nap or sleep.
"im going to catch 40 sweems" "i need some sweems before i go out tonight" "im soo wasted, i need my sweems"
by Andy Mofflet July 24, 2006
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Awesome, shibby, gob smacking, sweet, the shiz.
"You found your dad's porno?! Sweem!!"
by The Almighty Woo Woo October 2, 2004
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I Can’t Sweem is a term often used when Denki can’t swim. You can never go wrong when you can’t Sweem
*at the beach*
Alien Queen: Happy Birthday Denki!

Denki looking at the water with floatys on his arms crying out: I can’t sweem
by Bakguo is my father April 16, 2019
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