A settlement populated by inbreds and gypos in the western areas if Wales. Swansea is well known as the drug and crime capital of Wales. Swansea is 90% made up of caravans. Many people from Swansea have odd deformities due to the inbred nature of its inhabitants.
Hi, i'm from Swansea. I live in a caravan, have six fingers and am about to have sex with my sister.
by Youknowsitstrue January 21, 2012
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A small city in Wales which is full of goths,emos,chavs,spice boys. Some places are nice, some places are a dump.Overall I wouldn't advise visiting Swansea because It is a shit hole.
Don't fucking go to swansea
by Tyler2k8 July 23, 2008
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A City in South Wales. Was once a Town but within the last 30 years or so has got way above its station and become a small City. Swansea is the worst place in the world, infact so bad is Swansea that Hell would fear being in the place. Car crime capital of Europe at one time its had that title stolen off it by Manchester as the thieves in Swansea are actually to lazy to go out and steal a Vauxhall Belmont, Fiat Croma or Austin Montego.

Two types of people live in Swansea those who are two lazy to move elsewhere or those who are to poor to move. The entire geographical area is full of arrogant pricks, 50 something prostitutes, twats (read Spice boys, Pikeys or Charvers), Arseholes in tatty 318 or A4 cabriolets who drive down to Southend with the roof down but windows up (why?!), Cheap sluts who drink in the local Wetherspoons, drug addicts or those that arnt addicts are drug dealers, Jobless dossers, people whose knuckles drag the ground and village idiots - something Swansea excells at and has several hundred idiots to each of its village's. A posh night out in Swansea usually entails going to the one of the Beefeater restaurant's in the Marina or Mumbles or to one of the skankey holes in Mumbles where they think its posh to bring the starter soup out on a tea-plate. So stupid are the local Council that they have released a television advert of Swansea to show people what its like A) all the places shown do NOT represent Swansea and B) they are showing it in the Swansea area - We already know what's in the city you fucktards.

The most wettest place in the entire UK coupled with the notes above make Swansea the true shithole it is. Dont ever hold a door open for someone in Swansea because the entire 300K of peole who live in the area will walk through the door without saying thank you or even a nod, regardless of if they are out shopping or not. People are that arrogant in Swansea they would walk 15 miles just to go through a door you are holding open for them. A Film called Twin Town was released a decade ago and if you want to know what Swansea is like then watch it without fear of visiting the place and being stabbed.

So to summarise: Swansea, its full of cunts and its a real shitty city.
Hopefully you never experience Swansea, but if you ever visit the place then never leave your car or get off the train or bus. Best thing is to go straight past the place onto Llanelli.

Rob: "You coming out for a drink tonight?"
Dan: "Cant mate, goto go down to Swansea!"
Rob: "Poor Bastard!"
by caps_lock May 29, 2008
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Dylan Thomas once called Swansea, his home town, "The Graveyard of Ambition". This is probably the most appropriate definition as the only other well known person from Swansea is Catherine Zeta Jones, who most people do not even realize is Welsh.
Swansea should be bombed
by Zog the definer April 26, 2005
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the shittest place in Wales, they all a bunch of car thieves, the shitest football team ever, its a disgrace 2 wales & every welsh person. Everyone there got no job. they all a bunch of tramps.
There was an old man from Swansea His face/clothes were all tattered and torn He started to sing So we kicked the c*nt in And now he don't sing anymore...!

in the swansea slum,
in the swansea slum,
they look in the dustbin for something to eat,they find a dead rat and they think its a treat,its the swansea slum!
by Soul Crew March 22, 2006
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Very beautiful surrounding area, city and suburbs are absolute holes, I should know i live here (but thankfully im from the good old valleys, so my head isnt stuck up my arse). Shit footballl team with minging, sluttish girls and shitloads of attention seeking goth cunts.
Any idea where i can find a goth that couldnt play football and and pronounces grass as "grarrrrrrrrrse" (emphasizing r).
HMM, Try swansea, thts a shithole
by bobwefwe November 09, 2006
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a crappy place that always rains no one likes it apart from stuck up people who need to pull thier heads out of thier arses and spends all the time in the local pub. Its near cardiff, cardiff hates swansea and its people.... and so do I!!! I think its a embarssesdment to the world because it is EVIL!!!! and it rains ALOT!!
HI im from swansea and im wet from all the rain coz it never stops raining hang on a sec while i pull my head out of my arse!! oh no its beenup there to long... its stuck!!!!!!!!!
by Becka Veck March 23, 2005
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