Using someones swag as if it where your own. Hawking someones swag without permission.
Gary likes to use the word sauce when gaming the ladies. Then all the sudden his friend John starts using the same tactic. John is swaking on Gary's swag, by using the term sauce regularly when gaming the ladies.
by Gwat September 16, 2011
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A word surpassing the word swag
You say it when you feel the word swag just doesnt cut it.
Person 1: Bro that kill was was so fucking swag!
Person 2: Nah bro, it was fucking swake.
Person 1: I feel it.
by superswelly September 4, 2011
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To bake while wearing a bikini or trunks
Dude! I bought some brownie mix from the store! Wanna swake?!?!
by swake originator August 21, 2012
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when you are doing a all nighter and you are sleeping but being awake in the same time
yo i’m so tired i might swake for a bit
alr don’t sleep just swake
by Darsmark December 22, 2020
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sweat-resistant or sweat-proof cosmetics
"Dude how is your makeup staying in place like that?"
"Oh dude, it's SWAKE. Their foundation is locked in even when I am sweating."
by swakellc April 5, 2022
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when one dress the same as the person they are giving a hand job.
Dude Brittany just swaked off Brad, wearing his military boots and a loose fitting t-shirt.
by Alex_Delarge October 15, 2011
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the act of taking someone else's actions/stuff/swag and use it for fame, hence the word "swak", sounding like, "swag".
You say you did a mass-murder and you didn't, but however, you get famous for that, or, actually, infamous, that's swaking.
by Abigblueworld January 6, 2022
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