A term in which one has potential, is injured, and must scratch and claw back to the top, usually after being injured by WWE wrestler Jack Swagger.
Wade Barrett was on a roll with his "Bad News" gimmick until he got Swaggered in a match.
by Notorious Eddie Mac October 22, 2014
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To enter a room or building with swagger in your step.
Johnny swaggered into the living room.
by swagfag5000 August 4, 2013
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belligerently drunk; cannot walk in a straight line; feels like a suave man; making no sense whatsoever...
Dude you are so swaggered you just swung on a cop!
by FritzBallz August 23, 2007
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A practice of how one lives his/her life on a daily basis. The knowledge, consciousness and understanding of the self and how one deals with others in each and every situation. It is how one presents him or herself to the world at large, and how that person styles and or handles a given situation. Someone that practices Swaggerism is a swaggerist. The Swaggerism movement is pioneered by Resk 'Que, a social entrepreneur, philanthropist and a philosophical maverick.
Swaggerism is the religion of success and understanding.
by BCDRhodes April 10, 2016
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No one is even close to having as much swagger as yourself
Im soooo swaggerous....
No one is as swaggerous
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How one presents him or her self to the world. Swagger is shown from how the person handles a situation. It can also be shown in the person's walk.
Ryan: "Denzel Washington has swagger in all his movie rolls"
Phil: "You can't forget about Al Pacino! He had swagger all over in Scarface!!!"
by Ryan Jackson February 19, 2005
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"Swag" has a very similar linguistic comparison to the words swing and sway, however the word is replaced with the letter G. It is derived from these words due to describing the body movement of those who have affirmed "swag". Those who have "swag" give off very confident body language, and who stand out among the crowd. True "swagger" is progressive action. It ultimately has nothing to do with aesthetics; however those with swagger do have that good looking "style" that everyone else only attempts.

Similar to "alpha"
Guy 1 - "Dude, this guy over here always does and says the right things at the right time. It's like: anyone can do it, but he is only one that is. I can't even compete with that. He's got real swagger"

Guy 2 - Word.
by Mr.Familiar September 8, 2011
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