A teenager known for wearing awful attire, this includes: snapback cap (front facing or back),California hoodie or t-shirt, tan colored skinny jeans or shorts, knee high nike socks, and high top shoes. Swagfags appear in groups of 3-5. A group of Swagfags is called a "poodle".
by Mr. Crunch April 12, 2014
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A swagfag is a person who worships swag like an indian worshiping buddha.
They wear multi-colored, ridiculously skinny jeans, some gay snapback from your local Foot Action, $5 dollar size 2 converses , a hip t-shirt from Urban Outfitters and some fake Gucci glasses. They want to be like the 20 year old version of Justin Bieber and they listen to Lil Wayne. They like to smoke weed because they think its cool.
swagfag: dood, check out my new overhyped jordans, bought it on facebook for $9000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000.
normal person: God, you're a moronic swagfag.
swagfag: shut up bro im telling my mom.
by Cakeroar July 4, 2014
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Someone (usually a boy) who can only make friends via his obsession with rap music, swag, running from traffic light to traffic light for the purpose of beating some fast ass car (which really won't happen), and baggy shorts or saggy pants because he's a sped trying not to look like a loser.
Swagfag *runs when light turns green*: Oh my gosh I just beat a Bimmer from that traffic light!
Swagfag lover *looking at the swagfag from his huge SUV*: Haha! Good job! You a real mannn!

Normal kid 1: Wow, look at that idiot trying to be social by racing that car on the road!
Normal kid 2: Yeah, what a swagfag...
by dangnuggets May 2, 2016
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A kid who goes around wearing skinny jeans and snapback baseball caps hardstyle shuffling to progressive house and thinking he's Lil' Wayne. He will often be unemployed and fail at school exams because he thinks his swag will make up for it and he'll be the next popstar, when in reality he'll probably end up giving blowjobs to old men in dark alleys for his earnings and he'll be paying kids to go on his bouncy castle just to make himself feel famous.
Swagfag - "My snapback has so much swag!"
Normal person - "Fuck off and die."
by BarneyFingeredMyPetHamster November 14, 2012
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A person who gets their dressing inspiration from god forbidden rappers like Lil wayne, 2 chainz, Drake, & the list goes on.
They think these rappers are intelligent & can dress themselves. When in all reality, they all like stupid as fuck.

Swagfags go around blasting Lil wayne in their cars, iphones, computers, everywhere. & you'll know its Lil wayne when you hear sirens & the word "nigga" 100,000 times in a row.

The typical Swagfag wardrobe consists of snap backs, skinny jeans - that they sag to their knees, shoes that match their outfit, & tee-shirts that say the word "swag" over and over.
Because they have to let the whole world know that they have swag by wearing the god damn word on their clothes.
They also say "swagggg", "yolo", & "ratchet" every 5 seconds, & when they type they use q's for g's, i's for y's, & a few more.
(example- cant touch miii swaqqqqqqqqqq)

We should use Swagfags to test new products instead of innocent animals.
These are creatures that need to be forbidden & removed from this earth.
Boy: Swaaag moddaa'fuckaaa swag swag swiggity swag.

Girl: Omg, he got dat swagggg dat im looken for. Letz fuck.

Group of friends: Ewww look over there at that Swagfag, & a Swagfag lover. Kill them. Kill them both.
by Sarcastic little bitch June 10, 2013
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Swagfags symbolize how a seemingly normal human being can follow a trend of meaningless douchebaggery (mostly through peer pressure) in order for them to feel included and give meaning to their lack of achievement.
They are willing so sacrifice their future and their friends just so they can feel included now.

Swagfags are mostly commonly insecure young people (aged 8-17).
Due to the the fact they haven't achieved anything so far in their life and don't have many friends, they give up on trying to achieve something positive and learning proper social skills.
As a result they join the Swag band wagon with certainty that it will somehow make them successful and get them good friends.

And thus the more Swagfags there are, the more easy it is for other kids to become one.
Person1: "Wow whats with all the people wearing snapbacks, the same pair of jeans and not giving a crap about their school marks these days?"

Person2: "They think they have SWAG, normal people generally define them as Swagfags. They think having SWAG will get them a future through doing nothing but the style of how they do things"

Person1: "But they don't do anything, well at least nothing helpful?"

Person2: "Exactly"

Swagfag: "ur juz jellos cauz u dun hav SWAG"

Person1 & Person2: Faceplam*
by Piezor November 18, 2012
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Usually a guy who always wears skinny jeans, snapbacks and Hollister shirts. They're usually very attractive and popular and think they're better than everyone else. They'll fail at school because they think they're swag will make up for it. They're pretty much the same thing as fags but with swag.
New girl: Damn, who's that hot guy over there, he has so much swag
Girl: Oh, ew, that's Brandon, he's just another swagfag.
by Breetato August 2, 2014
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