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v. The act of facepalming, with the hand sliding off the face, leading to a headdesk/facetable.
What he said was so stupid, instead of just facepalming, I faceplamed, to show him how stupid he was.
by iTesco August 23, 2010
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When you attempt to facepalm yourself in an intensely sarcastic fashion, but miss your face.
Pam, did you see that? Lana tried to facepalm herself, but missed.

*falsetto* FACEPLAM.

Seriously, how can you miss your own face, with hands as huge as that.
by The Real Egon Spengler September 03, 2014
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(Verb) "Faceplam" is an adaptation of facepalm.
Definition 1: One would facepalm and the face would slip out of the hand and hit the desk or table.
Definition 2: One would facepalm so hard that it would make a slapping sound.
Both definitions may result in facial damage.
Dude, this was so stupid. I faceplammed, and it hurt!
by ColeslawProductions October 19, 2013
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A faceplam is a facepalm that, unlike a facepalm, is for a much stupider reason, like if someone says "Hey look, a flying shark".
Another faceplam reason would if someone is just simply stupid. For example: if someone points out something you already know for the 50th time.
Bob: Hey Joe, did you know that dogs are canines
by Prism Panther November 26, 2014
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A facepalm made with the back of the hand so it doesn't hurt as much when something doesn't merit a facepalm but is seriously stupid.
*reading the news*:
"Albuquerque’s Channel 13 warns parents that Pedobear is luring children to their doom."
by cocainecocainecocaine November 05, 2014
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Verb: The act in which one performs he action of facepalm caused by embarrassing or ridiculous things.
Noun: A very cringey person with the lack of inability and skill.
Meaning 2: Woah, that person is such a faceplam.

Meaning 1: I just faceplammed from you saying that. Or,

She just faceplams when he says something annoying.
by Faceplam November 20, 2016
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