Another name for somebody autistic or retarded or doing something autistic or retarded.
Look at John trying to bite his ear, he’s so superior.
by The_Slav November 21, 2019
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'Superior' is the new Awesome
Michelle: Omg I had the best night of my life! We shared such amazing chemistry!

Jessica: Woah, superior.
by Mystical Biyatch March 24, 2009
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NsNZ's most stupid f^ck. constantly asking the same stupid questions to the same people. Just being round him makes you automatically 10% stupider than u were before.
Superior! - where is the desktop?? when i click on download load it go send to desktop.. there is no folder desktop when i go to search thing

"Can i burn a cd without a cd writer?"
by Gambit October 29, 2004
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When the production, recording, mixing and mastering of audio all work together in harmony to create a sound that is of higher quality than the competition.


1. Sonically: “Of or pertaining to Sound”

2. Superior: “One of greater rank or station or quality”.
Young Jeezy’s Recession album, which was entirely mixed at PatchWerk Studios, is sonically superior to all the other Jeezy albums I’ve heard, which weren’t done there.

If your tracks are not Sonically Superior, Record Labels and Radio Stations will relate that to how serious they take you as an artist or company.
by PWR May 25, 2009
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A town in which the bar-people ratio is almost even.
guy -"so we are in "superior, wi" should we drink some of the freshest purest lake water in the country?"

other guy - "lets just go to this bar here"
by VinyL BankZ January 21, 2011
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