A town that has a freaking tavern on each block. Town consists of many alcoholic bastards who start their drinking at 10 am. If you live there, you are either a drunk, a pot head, or a sex addict, because frankly, there's nothing to do there.
Boy: 'Mom, where's dad?'
Mom: 'Well, what time is it honey?'
Boy: '10:34'
Mom: 'Well, seeing we live in Superior, Wisconsin, Daddy is at the bar.'
by your_dad_oh_yeah July 11, 2008
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Sexual congress between two men (both gay) in which each man's penis is inserted into his partners' anus simultaneously. The orientation of the bodies is similar to lesbian tribadism or scissoring. This act is superior to all other forms of sexual intercourse due to the synergistic combination of penile and anal pleasure for both participants at the same time.
Pete and Wade were growing bored with standard gay sex and their relationship was suffering. The only solution to this problem was to elevate their union to the final level; they elected to engage in superior sex.
by Bobby Cakes October 19, 2009
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The name of the heroin dealer in the film Trainspotting.
I'm off to see mother superior for a hit.
by aqua_scummm April 30, 2008
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a cognitive bias that causes people to overestimate their positive qualities and abilities and to underestimate their negative qualities, relative to others. This is evident in a variety of areas including intelligence, performance on tasks or tests and the possession of desirable characteristics or personality traits. It is one of many positive illusions relating to the self, and is a phenomenon studied in social psychology.
I hate people with Illusory superiority. They're all just a dick to society.
by TheNotADick January 22, 2011
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Tall, Someone who generally towers over their surroundings, opposite of vertically challenged, generally a slang term used in the San Francisco Bay Area but commonly used outside of it as well. Usually used in a humorous or joking sense.
Elaina: "Damn everyone is so tall here! I feel so short..."

Spencer: "Nah it's ok we're just vertically superior"
by vertically superior December 09, 2009
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